Why is 8 St Thomas is the best condominium development in Singapore

With nearly 6 million people living in the island nation of Singapore, housing is at a premium. More than 7500 people live in each and every square kilometer. That means you literally are going to be living onto of one another if you are in Singapore. This is why when developments like 8 St Thomas come on the market it is time to take notice and decide quickly if you will want to invest in these condominiums!

8 St Thomas Has 1, 2, 3 and Even 4 Bedroom Options

The 8 St Thomas luxurious freehold condo development is situated in a fantastic neighborhood very near to the core of the city. With being over 30+ stories tall, these buildings house 219 units and are certain to have something that will be interesting to everyone. The number of units is this development allows the sizes of the units to range from 1 bedroom up to the 3-bedroom unit is the standard formats. If you need even more space than that, there are 4-bedroom penthouse suites available in this development as well!

But the units available are not the whole draw to this development. The location is close to everything! Being near to the Somerset MRT station, Orchard Road and the Singapore River you can be sure that you are only a short journey to virtually anywhere in the city. It is only a short trip to the Central Business District and the supermarkets, dining, and shopping that you will enjoy right outside your own door. If you have children, you will have amazing choices with more than 20 schools (including well known international schools!) within just a few short kilometers of your front door.

Act Now To Get Your Spot In This Condo Complex Locked Up

This development is they come advertised with attractive starting prices, and no agent fees as this is a developer sale. As you contact the sales team you will receive priority entry to show flats, so you can decide which ones will suit you the best. Also, you will receive priority for booking of the unit of your choice. The best is for last, and that is the early bird direct developer discounts that only come if you act quickly to get in on this amazing development quickly.

It is clear to see the immense value that is to be had in the development at 8 St Thomas in Singapore. The question becomes are you going to be able to decide which unit is the best for you? This is a limited time offer, why, because at some point likely in the very near future these condo units will all be sold. When that happens, the value will be gone, and you will have to wait for the next great deal to come along if it ever does!

Why the development at 8 St Thomas is the best condo development in Singapore is very clear. With massive value on the dollar, condo options that cover a huge range of sizes, a location that just can not be beaten and a developer that is committed to producing the best living environment possible, you just can not go wrong investing in this development. These units will sell fast, act now and get yours today!

How Do You Pick the Right Type of Home to Buy in Singapore?

Now that you have decided to buy a home in Singapore, the other most important thing you should put into consideration is the type of home to select. You might be confused on the best type because you will get thousands of them in the market. Here you will need to take your time to ensure that you select the right one since this is a big investment you will be making.

Here are tips on how to pick the right type of home to buy in Singapore.

Check the size

One of the most vital considerations you will need to make is the size of the home that you would want to buy. One thing you will have to note is that the size of the home will determine its cost. The larger the home, the higher the price you will have to pay. On the other hand, a small sized home will cost you a lower amount. You also need to put into consideration the number of the people you expect to occupy the home. If you have a large family, you need a bigger home for more comfort.

Check neighborhood

You need to select a home that is located in an area that is conducive for a living. You do not need to buy a home in an area that is not secure or where there are no essential amenities. Some of the amenities and facilities should include schools, health facilities, shops, market among others. The home should also be located in an area that is served well by efficient transport and communication network. It is also important that you consider the community around you to ensure that you share some similar interests with them. In essence, make sure that you buy a home that located in a friendly environment in Singapore with Insider Properties.

Check the price

The best type of home for you to buy in Singapore is the one that fits the budget you have. It is very vital that you do thorough market research in order to ensure that you get a suitable home that is within your budget range. Make sure you compare the different features that the homes have in order to get one that has the features you need. Make sure that you buy a home that gives you the value for the money you spend on it. Do not go for the cheapest homes because they might lack essential features or might be located in areas that you might not like.

Do you need a modern or traditional home?

It is good that you decide whether you want to buy a modern or traditional home. This will be highly determined by the design that the home is built. If you are the kind of a person who likes contemporary things, you definitely need to go for a modern looking home. If you need some traditional aspects of your home, there are several traditional homes you get in Singaporean market. Buy a house that depicts your own lifestyle in the best way possible.